Sensorimotor rug

The sensorimotor rug can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The individual wooden parts are attached with Velcro, so that children can easily and playfully lay out their path for exercise. In doing so, they develop their imagination, creativity, fine motoric skills and critical thinking. Walking on it is very beneficial, it trains, stimulates and massages the legs. The training can also be targeted, strengthening the whole balance system of the body. For small children, this can be an ordinary "memory game", where they can use their feet to look for the same wooden shapes. The rug is storable when it can be rolled up to the size of a shoe box after removing the individual parts. It is relatively easy to hold, vacuums well or just shakes out and the parts attach back. We do not recommend washing in the washing machine, because the rug is anti-slip treated along its entire length.

Sensorimotor rug contains: