Barewood is a home project of a father - the woodcutter and a mother - a biologist, in which we have combined our professional knowledge to create tools that will lead our children to nature and a healthy lifestyle.

Due to the great success of home therapy and the positive response from acquaintances, we have decided to move our tools further to all those who have a positive attitude towards nature, their health and the health of their loved ones.

We thought mainly of people living in  flats who have limited opportunities to walk barefoot in the nature and all those who like natural material and honest craftsmanship. 

The biggest driving force for us are our two children Zojka and Richard, for whom we want to ensure a happy childhood in a healthy household. We thank them for sharing with us a passion for life, for simplicity, clean shapes and precision in our work.


Barewood products are ecological, they are made of unused wood with the strictest ecological FSC certificate, which arises in the production of high-quality furniture and would otherwise be burned. Ash and beech solid wood is used, which is one of the hardest and toughest of our wood spieces. We also chose it because of the longer wood fibers, which, compared to other wood spieces, minimizes the occurrence of dangerous chips.

Every single piece is hand sanded and inspected to ensure maximum safety in use.

We do not use any chemical surface treatment so that the wood can "breathe" and so that the direct touch of the foot with it is completely authentic, just like in the nature.


family business

hand made in Slovakia

eco friendly