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Wooden sensomotoric tools 

  • Solving children's problems such as: flat feet, sunken ankles, "X"-knees in a playful way
  • Exercise and strengthen even the smallest muscles of the feet as an important prevention for healthy legs
  • Restoration of the perception of the environment by the foot
  • Suitable for all ages 0-99
  • Relaxing home acupressure massage

What you get with Barewood products

A truly pure natural material that will bring life to any interior
A unique creative space for your children
Slovak handmade product made of solid wood
Professional instructional video that explains how to use each tool.

Barewood by profesional 👀 (🎥)

The rug has found a place in our home. Adults are using it too, but the child is the happiest about it (20 months old). We create new patterns on the rug every day - currently we are arranging the pieces as planets, so we are strengthening not only our bodies, but also our spirit. If you want to bring home a piece of nature, avoid flat feet and entertain your children in a playful way, I highly recommend buying this product. We also really appreciate the balance boards, at the beginning you have to get used to them a bit, but then they are a really great helper for tired legs. For me, a project made with the heart with a great result!
Ivana Baková
The Barewood carpet came to our lives in the best moment possible. After a preventive examination, the pediatrician recommended that my daughter (3 years) and I should strengthen the abrasive muscles and leg muscles due to a convex grinder and slightly misshaped X-legs. This rug was the first choice for a healthy and normal posture and strengthening of the leg muscles. What I appreciate most is its natural and ecological character, smooth, pleasant to the touch wooden parts allow for a very pleasant foot massage and amazing sensory stimulation. After a full day of work behind a computer or a city walk on a hard flat surface, we are very much looking forward to come home for a massage of the feet on the carpet. We have balance boards with a pyramidal surface in a place where we like to stand for a long time (by the window, overlooking the city). Our daughter runs along the carpet while playing. We adults go through it purposefully and it helps us a lot to relax and unwind our legs, but also in the training of maintaining the balance of the whole body. The design fits into a modern interior, it does not disturb the environment with bright colors or artificial materials. I am also very happy about the free course from a professional physiotherapist. Thank you, Zuzka and Juraj, for this amazing invention.
Jana Kimijanová
When I first saw the rugs and the balance boards on Facebook, my first reaction was, "we have to have this at home." I have an autistic son who loves these sensory aids - especially when it comes to the feet. He attends a special school for children with autism, where they also have massages as part of the therapy. The only thing he wants to massage is the feet and that's why I knew this was the way! So began my dream, which came true in a way I didn't even expect. I really wanted the boys at school to be able to have a rug that would be really used to the fullest and it is a great joy! Not only for walking but also for creativity.The parts are smooth, there are no defects that could bother you - just GREAT! Balance boards, a bit "prickly", but my son stands on them every day and massages his feet. Because it's just the best. An incredible experience for me personally - I had a stretched tendon. When they arrived, I stood up, made a few movements and suddenly, the tendon did not hurt and still does not hurt. Balance boards are an incredibly amazing sensory aid for those who need some exercice for their feet. It is used 24 hours a day by us not only by our special son but by all of us. When we have restless or tired legs, just a few minutes are sufficient! Thanks to Barewoodsk for their hearts. For their hearts to help our son and children in a special school who really appreciate it!
Radka Pečíková