The best balance tools for toddlers and children are HERE ! 🥳

• Spatial awareness of your body

• Concentration

• Hand-eye coordination

• Muscular strength and endurance

• Correct posture

• Development and coordination of muscles

• Increase in physical activity

• General development of the child's mobility

Balance and coordination are important for every child's development. In order to be able to support them, the child must be provided with a suitable tool. Whether it will be a curb outside or, on the contrary, an element that can also be placed within the interior. Something unique, modern, minimalist and functional. Simple wooden beams, which also serve as toys for the child, can help us develop in this direction. They are adapted to children's hands so that children can use them to build their own balance pathway and thus develop their motor skills through play.

The balance pathway is designed to help children improve their balance and sensory perception at an early age. Beams are great for solo play but also for group practice. With their low height above the ground (3.5 cm), they are a safe place to strengthen children's balance and core, as well as a place to build self-confidence and a sense of self-sufficiency.

The beams are also stackable with connectors, which allows for easy storage. They are double-sided, where one side is smooth and the other is covered with a fleece carpet, to which additional wooden elements can be attached, which increases the difficulty of movement and the sensory perception of the foot.

Beam dimensions: 1.9 x 9 x 80 cm

Load capacity of the beam: 100 kg

Recommended age: from 18 months

Material: solid beech, the connectors have a cork on the underside to avoid scratching the floor and at the same time have an anti-slip effect

Recommended indoor use.