Dear customers, friends, and fans of Barewood.

Some of you have asked about the larger parts to complement your sensorimotor rug. Because of that we have developed a new series of products together with professional trainers and physiotherapists. These can be used either to make your Barewood rug more varied or individually as training aids.

Loyal to minimalist design, solid wood (neither plywood nor chipboard) and thorough handmade process we would like to introduce you our hemisphere balancing boards – the sun and flower inspired by the perfection of our nature.

Of course we have already seen the wooden hemisphere balancing boards in the European market. BUT, because all of them have a smooth surface, the sole of our feet (depending on the sweat factor) could get sticky or slippery.

Our hemisphere balancing boards have been designed in two versions.

The SIMPLER version - 🌞 the sun, designed for home use and ´´less bare feet´´ comes in two sizes and can be used as a part of a sensorimotor rug or as an individual training aid. Thank to a skilfully shaped surface we avoid the risk of a sticky and slippery sole of our foot. 

The second, PROFESSIONAL version - 🌸 the flower, offers the complete support for a high variability of exercises and an intensive feeling of a skilfully shaped surface. The special cut-outs have been made to adjust different distribution of your toes together with the possibility of involving even the smallest tissue.

We deliver them with three wooden stones that can be attached to your rug differently – using nothing else, but the velcro fastening. This enables you to feel the other benefits of the product and train the balance even more.

Both versions, the sun and the flower can be easily combined with all our products and thank to a possibility of double sided use they substitute the number of other more expensive aids – all in one complex package.

Both versions are treated with natural Osmo oil, certified for furniture, leather and food contact, for better maintenance and cleanliness.

It´s better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times 😊

(as an illustration)